Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I`m just COOL AF...

Lemme start this with my all-time favorite quote:

Been addicted to those social experiment videos on youtube and really just wondered how almost all people think they are above average. I mean, if everyone is above average, where the hell is that f****** average line exists???? For some reason, everyone thinks they are better than someone else and that bothers me to the extent i can`t even be nice, decent person...hha I just want to beat the hell out of them and tell them the TRUTH of how weak they are actually by not trying their best just because they are comparing themselves to the less blessed community.

Also been doing almost the same shit everyday and just realized i am living the story of 90`s movie- Run, LoLa, Run!- which tells the alternative stories of how just one day of Lola`s  life could have gone depending on one little choice. Or you can just think of it as the movie- The Butterfly Effect which also shows the different consequences coming from the different choices in simple, one-day life.

I have my summer plan of  5 workdays and 2 'ME-days' . As simple as it sounds, this is ultimately the best plan i have ever had. Do not even try to mess with this kinda plan, people... :P

Also, I believe that talking crap about people is just another way of praising yourself and i really wish to free myself from that cheap version of EGO-ism. With that being said, I`ll stop my judgemental self right here, right now ;)

Before I go, just wanna say: SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING THEIR BEST! Love you guys to death.

If I was given a choice to go anywhere in this world, I would have chosen right this exact moment above everything else.

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