Monday, July 16, 2012


Ewww......I just gotten a really pleasant job as my major-English paper translator...But only one problem is being always together and being under control of my parents- who have been working here for EVER! Everyone  knows them and kinda respects them...So they don`t treat me like a new trainee girl while acting as if they are talking to their BOSS! faltering and not caring me sincerely,not as a directly who i am in individual..I am a person,personnel,adult, ME!
Also always being together from the beginning of  every single day and working,having lunch,going home,dining T+O+G+E+T+H+E+R and eventually sleeping under the same roof is disaster! Every  morning, judging me for what i am wearing...i am just 18 and i don`t wanna be other old office women at the work even i have to! Or should i replace all my closet with suits and flats?
Seriously there is no women who wear little tiny high-heeled shoes even they are their 20s.And i have no preference to tie my hair! parents, specially my dad keeps telling me to...
Since i got full time job i ran out of time to check out new movies even my old, downloaded movies..Missing my 4 best friends( Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York) so much.Eventhough, i can play the movie and just can hear its sound with headphones but still cannot catch the images at the work during day time! because i have a desk that is positioned openly for everybody in my department and one of the directors( actually i don`t know what does he exactly do),who is one of the relatives of Bazar(company`s president who is well known as his wealthiness in Mongolia), sits as right confronting me.BTW mom told me that if i can work good enough to please heads i could got my scholarship or tuition fee for whole university years.I`m striving.
Since i can`t download movies i became really close and good friends with Youtube`s videos` sounds...hehe I am really into in Tyra`s talk show...the whole show! She really knows how to talk and how to kick someone`s ass by telling the truth. I liked her! Also i think you really should watch the video "teenagers who eager to get married" you will discover how smart she is and what a beautiful world is out there..haha joking...not beautiful....actually there are tond of morons out there...just except Tyra!

Ohhh.....been so long not publishing anything but i promise! i`m constantly writing blog everyday...but just saving them as a draft...:) so do not think that i`m not writing okey? :*