Friday, June 15, 2012

don`t know where to start from..

euuuuhhhh....been so long...
Really don`t know where to start from..BTW i`m working as a personal assistant,whose boss is very undetermined and complicated,originally supposed to work as a tour guide!
He calls me whenever he wants wherever he is.And lets me do whatever the job is!(of course assistant jobs such as typing,translating,arranging meeting,or even planning travel itinerary).So sometimes i just feel like i am Andreah...(from The devil wears Prada). Isn`t it nice huh?LOL
Besides afterwards he is not gonna pay me A SINGLE COIN! because my mom asked him not to! It`s awful...she said to him " it is not for earning or incoming money it`s just for experiencing her"(she means me).
Also i`m very confused for so long time and miss someone who can talks to me sincerely! really miss my friend-Achmaa...really....
People are so weird......just day they are lovely one they they are fucking assholes.