Wednesday, April 27, 2011

for our corporation...just conserving...

been thinking bout our corporation every minute no matter what i do....Found advertisement idea!
There are three good reasons to target schoolchildren.Firstly,they have money to spend-and the amount of money is growing.In the USA,teenagers between 12 and 17 are now spending about $190 billion a year.Secondly they have "pester power": If they want something,they repeatedly ask their parents to buy it.Thirdly,they are tomorrow`s adult consumers!and may stay loyal to the brands they bought as children!huh!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one day u`ll know my name

one day i`ll fly   high end day u`ll know my name not just day u`ll realize i was perfectly day i`ll make u a believer... right now i`m writing a day i`ll get all i need...don`t tell me i can` day i`ll do something original.....wait and see...i won`t stop i`m a mover...i`m moving against the crowd....
u`re gonna do what u do...i`ll do ME.....wait and see...
Some people think they have already had what they need for a lifetime...actually to me,those are  nothing to be content..those are such a fake feeling....they act like they are perfectly happy ...actually to me,they have nothing to be optimistic...they have such a little thing or stuff so they have stopped to think and dream but i have so BIIG imagination......right now they feel they are being better than me but i think they are the worst situation people  could do..
Being personal doesn`t mean i`m not good for a fact that means there is nothing good enough for me...there is nothing to be content that`s why i don`t talk to everyone,be loyal to everyone...But i watch their moves carefully...i don`t do glimpse...i focus on everyone`s movement....they don`t know me..but i know them and their mind...maybe they think i`m so shy....actually  i`m so ashamed from being surrounded by you guys!!!(sometimes) addition,you always look at me as if i`m lying...actually i don`t lie (never) i just gush when i want to or i need to...they want me to understand them..but i won`t cuz u re so stupid i don`t really care your aspect...i hate it
Now  nobody knows who i am and who they are!i`m not that kinda girl who always be loyal or easy!maybe inside i`m the easiest one!but who knows that! people always do what they do!
wait and see....if u have lost my biiiig hope once u`re the pathetic one to me forever...that`s why i look at you weird and talk to u like strangers,skip ur word and ur space......i don`t really care about people who is kind of by day i want to see their pathetic moves however don`t want to listen their stupid words!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

magadgui denduu emzeg...

hen negnii 2 dahi ni bh ysnaasaa tsusnaasaa durgui unuudur chi minii hen ch bsan nadtai minii hussenees dooguur haritssanl bol,naag minii bhiig hussen tuvshnees dooguur tavisan tohioldold minii huvid chi hen ch bish bolj l huvirdag...
Minii naiz ah egch hairtai hun ch bsan bi yg l ingej aashilsaar 16 jil bolson...esvel chi minii bgaasai gej bodsonoos sul doroi,hymdhan,archaagui amitan bsan bol yg l tiim tusuulluuruu uurd ulddeg..
Hen ni 1t hen ni 2t bh ystoi ve gedgiig bi hangalttai sain medne..ta nar l olon l guisan olon l helsen,olon l harsan....ta nariin tolgoi denduu ergesen hymdhan amitad bolj udruus udurt minii itgeliig urmiig mohooson...Odoo ta nar haaya neg huuchnaaraa saihan huuhduud heveeree bgaa ym shig l aashilkaj uzdeg daanch ter uedee ta nar ali hediin uuriinhuu gesen buh ymnii briig solichihson,hamgiin unetei hezee ch oldku haramsaad ch irku,aldsanaa oilgood uilsan ch chamaig gej butsku ter nandin holboogoo aldtsan bdag...
Iim l bna...ene horvoo deer hun gedeg amarhan amitan...hun gedeg tuilshirtsan amitan bdiim blee..uurtuu naidahaas uur yund naidhav..nuden deer chini l bugd zamhraad evdreed mohood eheljaagaa biz!
Huchtei denduu huchtei gej ta nariig bodsiimsan..gevch amidraliin zamiin  yu ch ehleeegui bhad ta nariin hevreg,hungun,amarhan gedeg chini medegdtsen..dahij buren duuren itgehku bh ugaasaa..
Ali ni turuund bh ystoig boddoo...uursduu l medne bizdee bi tegj araas ni guij duulan dallaj chadah chgui..ichij uhmeer sanagdjina...Yg l ta nar shig baij chadna.