Friday, December 9, 2011


Could you see this little white thing on my hair?
That`s Snowflake....real snowflake....after 17 years and 4 months i just knew today that real snowflake is shaped perfect ...
It was cold enough but it was COOL enough...Sun was shining perfectly....snowing perfectly....we were laughing perfectly...

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also went shopping with my classmates for T`s present.We found lot of COOL things and that one dress i loved so much...BLUE one...
Gonna hit that Christmas party on 15th.....
And i`m very thankful for these girls...just thank you for hide my tears today..and made me laugh, which  struggled tears ,all day...

Monday, December 5, 2011

tough girls notice tough girls..

for this time TOUGH means winner...
After 4 months just met someone who can notice and check me out head over heels....This time not talking about Intelligence....It`s about Knowledge....i guess there are not so much girls who knows things i know...Some fashion icons,some cultural items,some celebrates.....One of them came to my class today first time and staring at my Muenchen bag,Gypsy boots,Tiffany necklace,colorful nail polish.....These things which describes me without any words...
I know her tight leggings,brown Cowboy boots,blue Birkin bag,also dyed brunette hair,high-rated make up especially smoothy eyeshadow........
At the end Tough girls notice tough girls doesn`t mean they get on well....Mos of time they don`t....cuz they are too strong individuals...being together means cramped space for them...In case,the one who is STRONGER will makes another one her follower.....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

UNIVERSITY stuffs...

I said before-i`m not that kind of lovely/cute girl...
i`m kinda  judgemental,pusher girl maybe cause of of HOROSCOPE!!! I`m LEO...
but i know some ppl who is same just as me...i call them BEST FRIENDS...
Okay,back to subject: i knew i`m not  COMPLETELY girl-i`m a half woman since  I GOT MY OWN MIND!
In highschool ppl stay away from me cause they`re afraid of me (not scared!) or they can`t figure me out...i liked that condition so so much more....Eventually i heard that words from BOYS`s talking..they said to me by themselves...they revealed..!
And also i`m not that kinda LOSER/UGLY girl..i`m pretty good actually...and i know ppl who is same just as me...they don`t fake themselves by low rated make-up or clothes-that everyone/average ppl wear in the street everyday....they just build themselves by their way...and i call them MY GIRLS/BEST FRIENDS..
I just realized in highschool boys keep distanca from girls who is like ME..But in UNIVERSITY they enter in personal space to start conversation or ask girls out..
In highschool boys just think about CAREER...But at university boys think about S.E.X .....honestly..
they keep saying u`re damn sexy/minion....ur voice is sexy,ur body is sexy,ur eyes are sexy,ur nails are sexy,ur haircolor is sexy,ur pose to camera is sexy.....they are just PASSIONATE STUPIDHEADS...
i really just want to treat them like a HUMAN! but they just want sex maybe...
JUST IN CASE stay away from very very friendly guy,cuz that maybe just for SEX...
that`s it i learned and heard so much sexual things...

Monday, September 19, 2011

so so on..

ONE of us going far away guess...but i don`t know when...i just know where she is going...
ONE of us is went....ONE of us is left...ONE of us is did....ONE of us is said....ONE of them is freaking here....
I know that u think  " TSOLMON is trying to be perfect, everytime.." BUT! i`m not trying to be anybody else....i`m ME at the beginning,and now,and will be forever!!!!
You`re just imperfect!so u think "Tsolmon is trying perfection,that`s such a stupid fake thing..I`m not perfect,i am real..."
BUUUTTTT!!! truth is u`re just caring yourself! u were always boss everywhere except being around me! u think u`re the best....cuz everybody else loves you,respects you,follows you except me!
do you know why...CUZ I KNOW YOUR EVERYTHING!!! u always try perfection when u`re not next to me...u`re weak one,i say! u`re gratifying yourself!!!!
just please admit your weakness and be yourself!!!!
I know i`m not perfect,beautiful,lovely,liar girl....but i won`t stop judging you if u won`t stop caring yourself...cause i`m always better than you in that way...okay?admit and go out...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

am I STUDENT?really?

so so so...LOL...
it`s been 17 days since i became University student....FIRST IMPRESSION: i didn`t like my classmates cause there were too many girls out means too much drama ....right?
I kept myself cool for 3 or 4 days...and i talked to first person who is named ZANDANBAL...and others...
Some freaky girls tried to hold my hand as was creepy and disgusting to me...
Also i have 9 boys in my class and they really are EASY ONES....
you know i can`t be 2nd one anywhere...i can be 4th or 5th,but not 2nd!!!!!
So i created group for UH-1-25 and classmates are attending to group which i`m the ADMIN of....
Some of males are keeping in touch to`s the hardest thing to solve...
One group of girls are with me includes 8 girls except me...But i just like 2 of them...what should i do?should i divide them?So far,i don`t have a right to do....
THESE are my situations which i have......Being university student is not such a hard or ridiculous...but being university class`s member is complicated....!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

u know what???????????????

haha....PEOPLE say 'always' but truth is NEVER...
once u said ALWAYS to me...but after a while people forget this word...
PEOPLE have no idea about how long THE WORD stays in my mind..........
already broke ur promises................
Been so tired.....been so busy(everyday from 4 pm-9pm have lesson)..but i want more more lessons....cuz it keeps me like i`m FINE.....but u know what...I`m not such FINE!!!!!!
I got t-shirt which are really my type...but one of them has a word on it saying PEANUTS.....and i had to wear that shirt (cuz i really like its color and design etc..),go to English school,and have lesson with British man,Thomas......ohhhh it was embarrassing......

Saturday, June 25, 2011


gunig zarimdaa nadad hachin goy zohidog oo...
gangan degjin huvtsas nuur duuren ineemseglelees ch iluu zohidog....
burenhii zarimdaa namaig hachin goy chimdeg....
budeg gerlend guniglaj alhah ni buur ch durlamaar sanagduuldag.....
durlah neg hairlah neg hereg.....
durlaval hen ch durlana...
hairlaj uzuulztsgeey.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

for our corporation...just conserving...

been thinking bout our corporation every minute no matter what i do....Found advertisement idea!
There are three good reasons to target schoolchildren.Firstly,they have money to spend-and the amount of money is growing.In the USA,teenagers between 12 and 17 are now spending about $190 billion a year.Secondly they have "pester power": If they want something,they repeatedly ask their parents to buy it.Thirdly,they are tomorrow`s adult consumers!and may stay loyal to the brands they bought as children!huh!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one day u`ll know my name

one day i`ll fly   high end day u`ll know my name not just day u`ll realize i was perfectly day i`ll make u a believer... right now i`m writing a day i`ll get all i need...don`t tell me i can` day i`ll do something original.....wait and see...i won`t stop i`m a mover...i`m moving against the crowd....
u`re gonna do what u do...i`ll do ME.....wait and see...
Some people think they have already had what they need for a lifetime...actually to me,those are  nothing to be content..those are such a fake feeling....they act like they are perfectly happy ...actually to me,they have nothing to be optimistic...they have such a little thing or stuff so they have stopped to think and dream but i have so BIIG imagination......right now they feel they are being better than me but i think they are the worst situation people  could do..
Being personal doesn`t mean i`m not good for a fact that means there is nothing good enough for me...there is nothing to be content that`s why i don`t talk to everyone,be loyal to everyone...But i watch their moves carefully...i don`t do glimpse...i focus on everyone`s movement....they don`t know me..but i know them and their mind...maybe they think i`m so shy....actually  i`m so ashamed from being surrounded by you guys!!!(sometimes) addition,you always look at me as if i`m lying...actually i don`t lie (never) i just gush when i want to or i need to...they want me to understand them..but i won`t cuz u re so stupid i don`t really care your aspect...i hate it
Now  nobody knows who i am and who they are!i`m not that kinda girl who always be loyal or easy!maybe inside i`m the easiest one!but who knows that! people always do what they do!
wait and see....if u have lost my biiiig hope once u`re the pathetic one to me forever...that`s why i look at you weird and talk to u like strangers,skip ur word and ur space......i don`t really care about people who is kind of by day i want to see their pathetic moves however don`t want to listen their stupid words!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

magadgui denduu emzeg...

hen negnii 2 dahi ni bh ysnaasaa tsusnaasaa durgui unuudur chi minii hen ch bsan nadtai minii hussenees dooguur haritssanl bol,naag minii bhiig hussen tuvshnees dooguur tavisan tohioldold minii huvid chi hen ch bish bolj l huvirdag...
Minii naiz ah egch hairtai hun ch bsan bi yg l ingej aashilsaar 16 jil bolson...esvel chi minii bgaasai gej bodsonoos sul doroi,hymdhan,archaagui amitan bsan bol yg l tiim tusuulluuruu uurd ulddeg..
Hen ni 1t hen ni 2t bh ystoi ve gedgiig bi hangalttai sain medne..ta nar l olon l guisan olon l helsen,olon l harsan....ta nariin tolgoi denduu ergesen hymdhan amitad bolj udruus udurt minii itgeliig urmiig mohooson...Odoo ta nar haaya neg huuchnaaraa saihan huuhduud heveeree bgaa ym shig l aashilkaj uzdeg daanch ter uedee ta nar ali hediin uuriinhuu gesen buh ymnii briig solichihson,hamgiin unetei hezee ch oldku haramsaad ch irku,aldsanaa oilgood uilsan ch chamaig gej butsku ter nandin holboogoo aldtsan bdag...
Iim l bna...ene horvoo deer hun gedeg amarhan amitan...hun gedeg tuilshirtsan amitan bdiim blee..uurtuu naidahaas uur yund naidhav..nuden deer chini l bugd zamhraad evdreed mohood eheljaagaa biz!
Huchtei denduu huchtei gej ta nariig bodsiimsan..gevch amidraliin zamiin  yu ch ehleeegui bhad ta nariin hevreg,hungun,amarhan gedeg chini medegdtsen..dahij buren duuren itgehku bh ugaasaa..
Ali ni turuund bh ystoig boddoo...uursduu l medne bizdee bi tegj araas ni guij duulan dallaj chadah chgui..ichij uhmeer sanagdjina...Yg l ta nar shig baij chadna.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

mur buhend ni anhaarlaa shinguulj unshuul ym bodogdoh biz!!!(bidnii oyun sanaag ilerhiilj chadah neg ch 'ug' bhkum bilee)

Эргэж харахаасаа ємнө таа. Эс бєгөөс зугт. 
Дуугvй сууна гэдэг уучилж болшгvй хэрэг. Тийм хvмvvсээс л болгоомжлох хэрэгтэй. 
Шvлэг бичихэд заавал нэр хэрэггvй.

Сэтгэлд байхгvй зvйл чинь орчлонд ч байхгvй. 

Хоолыг удаан биш хурдан ид. Учир нь хэн ч удаан идэж чадна. 
Мєнхийн рашаан олох тухай толгойгоо гашлагахаасаа ємнє 
Мєхєж буй дэлхийгээ аврах тухай эхлээд гараа хєдєлгєх хэрэгтэй
Усыг ганцхан уухаас гадна долоож хєхєж болно.
Орчлонд би байгаа цагт тэр байж л таараа.

Алт хараад баярлаж байна аа гэдэг тvvнийг талх болгож харж байна гэсэн vг. Ухаант хvнд баяр хvргэе.
Хулганд тавьсан хавханд муур орж болно.
Амттай хоолтой дэгээнд биш аятайхан єнгєтэй хоолтой дэгээнд загас орох нь элбэг.
Бурханы хамгийн суут бvтээл бол эмэгтэй хvнээс гаргаж авсан эрэгтэй хvн.

Мєнгє зээлдvvлэхээс зээлэх нь хялбар.
Татгалзахаас зєвшєєрєх нь хаялбар. Дараа нь арга олдож л таараа.

Vнэн vг тэр даруйдаа vзэн ядалтыг тєрvvлдэг.

Юу ч хийхгvй байх гэдэг бол маш хvнд ажил юм.
Хэрэв хvнд л vйлчлэхгvй бол оюун ухаан гэдэг хичнээн аймшигтай билээ.

Бага зvйлд хэтэрхий автсан хvн их зvйл бvтээх чадваргvй болчихдог.

Хvнлэг байх эсэх нь зєвхєн биднээс єєрсдєєс шалтгаална. 

Мэргэн ухааныг єєрєєсєє гадуур хайна гэдэг мунхралын дээд.

Бусармаг явдлыг хараад дуугvй байна гэдэг та тvvнд оролцож байна гэсэн vг.

Жинхэнэ хvнлэг хvн л хайрлах ч, vзэн ядах ч чадвартай байдаг.

Бусдын тухай хов шивнэж суугаа хvнийг бушуухан гэрээсээ хєєж гарга.

Хvн хэрхэн єєрийгєє vнэлж дvгнэнэ, тvvний vнэ яг тийм байдаг. 

Хvн єєртєє таалагдаж байж л бусдад таашаагдаж чадна.

Хvн юу ч ярьсан єєрийн замаар яв.
Унших гэдэг бол бусдын толгойгоор бодно гэсэн vг
Жинхэнэ эр хүн ажил, дурлал хоёроо ялгаж чаддаг байх хэрэгтэй. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

first things first...

first things first and first thoughts first...
i`ve been being so confused for a week or two,still i don`t know what i really want to do..
the most stupid situation is being confused,the most miserable situation is being in comparative with anybody else,the most exciting situation is feeling your worth from someone else....Probably no Maybe the most useful situation is having skill to hide your thoughts....Even u want to scream,gush, and tell the all of things from your inside,u have to be silent because nobody wants to be in stupid,pitiful,disappointed  situation.So u had better be like  robot or lifeless serf and just answer to asked questions,do what only u have to do...
Then there is one question personally...Do i have to be like this continuously?or ought to be pride and swipe all the  actions what ever happened to you before..??????I really don`t like being naive girl with such a many questions...
One of the things what i`ll find out from life is i can`t straighten up someone`s life if they don`t want to.
How awful it would be sent away from your people.
It sucks when you are ignored by the person whose attention is the only thing you want in the world!!!
"i`ll be watching their moves" doesn`t worth such a much but now it has been being by my side no matter what......
All i can do is "will be watching their moves"..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

үнэн үгнүүд цээжинд багтахгүй их юм.үнэнээрээ хүн хаана ч байхгүйм шиг цөөхөн юм..

Гүрийвэл гүрийнэ. Үхжийсан ч ёо гэж дуугарахгүй хөмхийгөө зуусан чигээрээ нүд аниж чадна. Гэхдээ бас эрхэлвэл ч эрхэлчихнэ. Хошуу амаа газар шүргэтэл унжуулаад, нуур далай болтол усан нүдлээд байж ч чадна. Их зан гаргаад хялайж харьцаж бас чадна. Эсвэл дундаа ороод, зүсэм талх хуваагаад идэж ч чадна. Гол нь хаана, хэзээ, хэний дэргэд ямар шалтгаанаар гэдгээ тохируулж чадвал тэр чинь эмэгтэй хүний ид шид байх даа.
Монгол хүнийг магтаад л байвал бодит ертөнцөөсөө тасраад нисээд явчихаж мэдэх гэнэн хүмүүс харин ялигүйхэн шүүмжлэх юмуу өөлөөд биччихээр өөдөөс босч ирээд цохиод авж мэдэх омголон хүмүүс.
Би юу гэж ч болно Би бол би
Хэн ч юу гэж ч болно тэр бол тэр
Хаанаас ирсэн хэн байх нь хамаагүй
Хаашаа явж байна хэн болох гэж байна гэдэг нь чухал
Соёлыг чи танихгүй байж
Соёлыг чи түгээнэ гэж байхгүй
Өөрийгөө чи юу гэж ч хэлж болно
Өөрийн чинь үйлдэл хэнийг чинь хэлнэ
Байгаагаараа байна гээд хаана ч
Нэг янзаараа байна гэдэг утгагүй
Хаана хэн шиг байх вэ гэдэг нь чухал
Байх ёстой газраа байх ёстойгоороо бай
Би энэ орчлонд бусдын адил хүмүүн биеийг олж төрсөн учир
Би сайнтай муутайгаа тэр чигээрээ.

Би үлдсэн…..
Яг тэр байрандаа
Яг зогссон хэвээрээ
Үнсээл чамайг үдсэн санагдана
Өөр тэр үед юу ч болсон юм мартчиж
Нүднээс минь дурсамж
Нулимс болон урсаж байхад
Нуух гэж би түүнийг
Нүдний будагтайгаа арчиж зогссон.
Маргааш нь цасанд би нүүрээ норгон
Мэгштэл уйлж гудмаар баахан алхсан.
Мартах гэж хичээсэн цаг явсаар
Мартахгүй гэж зүрхнээс дурсамж сэдэрсээр.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

amar boljee..

udriin bichdeg ch yaahuu oird yu ch bicheegui blhoor ni geed surguuli dr achma-n utsaar wi-fi hulgailj shahsan bichleg...
odoo bol jinhene bichleg...enhuushiin ochchood irlee...yaahuu dajgu orchintoi..nastri muu blaa l ghuudee te..
zia tr yahuu unuudur belegnuudee gyls avaad ugchluu..minii mongol bas ch dajgu boljee bulan ergeed neg beleg dursgaliin delguur bjiine..ggui baraatai,songolttoi..
hed alhaad hunsnii delguur bjiine bolomjiin unetei,songolt ni ch tom jijgeeree..
chigeeree yvjaahaar 3 sambariin 2 ni pub,restaurant bjiine chuluut tsagiig bol  gert unguruunu gdg hudlaa bolj...
Teed hamgiin sonin ni yu gheer starbucks-aa supermarket-s avaad songood uuchdag bolj...(neereem  shuu andaa)
yaahuu dunguj orj irjaagaa bolohoor haritsangui busad undaanii turliig boduul unetei,ghdee hymdrana gj naidjiine..
setgel dogdolson ued 2500tug-r avaad uuchina gdg dajguushd zunii udur ntr huiten laaztaig ni avchij boljiino...
tugsguld ni bi yaaltchgu uuriinhuu gej bodson bugded hrtai..Mongoldoo ch bas....bidnii ue hurtel sunuchku bjiigaasai gj zalbirhaas uur arga alga...naidlaga bol bhkuldee..deer hamgiin erguu novshnuud garaad ulsii mini aljaan..

Bas neg sonin ym....horvood deer buh ym tataltsliin huchind zahiragddag bh ni..(hicheel yrikuee)..Yu gsen uguu ghleer dandaa uuriinhuu durtai taalagdaj bgaa zuiliin talaar  eyreg ym yrival eyreg buhen chamd tohioldoh ni...aa harin durgu,taalagddaggui zuilsiig duviilgun yrival tataltsliin huchnii achaar muu energi ni oij chamd butsaj ireed amidral chamd muu buhnee beleg baridag bh ni...thleer uuriinhuu hairtai durtai buhniig bodoj,uuriinhuu hureelliig goy buhneer burduuleh heregtei bh ni....odoo shuud durtai ymnuudaa bod!!!!